For several years I have been experiencing skin tags on several different parts of my body, especially on my neck, under the arms and below my breast. I recently went to my physician and he recommended freezing them off, however he explained that there was a chance that they could reoccur. I decided to think about it before making any decisions.

I have used Malibu Wellness’ Original C Serum for many years for my face with great results; however I had not thought to apply it to my skin tags. Upon talking with my sister she recommended that I apply it directly to the skin tags several times a day to see the results…Just prior to Thanksgiving 2006 I started applying to the skin tags 3 to 4 times a day. Initially I noticed a slight tingling sensation combined with a little itching and they begin to start drying up. The first week of January 07 they actually fell off! I feel so much better as one of the skin tags was large and visible, especially in the summer months. I am so glad that I tried Malibu's Original C Serum instead of following the recommendation of my physician.

I continue to use the products on a daily basis and will continue to do so throughout my life. I would recommend Original C Serum to anyone for their skin, IT IS GREAT!