Jami lives in sunny Tuscon, Ariz. and loves to be active. She believes in exercise and team sports. Unfortunately, two of her sports left Jami with injuries to her knee; a torn meniscus from playing soccer and a torn ACL ligament playing football.

In 2001, she underwent arthroscopy, which left her with three incisions on her left knee. “The incisions themselves were actually painful. It didn’t seem like they were healing properly or at least fast enough for me. A week after the procedure, I still had stitches and the next morning I got up and my stitches actually opened up. The doctor told me to keep putting Neosporin on it and just keep it clean. But they hurt so much on their own; it was definitely sore.”

All in all, 2001 was not a great year health-wise for the athletic Jami. “This was actually my 16th surgery for the year.” She knew what to expect in terms of scarring from the doctors and from her own experience. “Usually when you have an incision that wide open, it would be dark purple and even protruding and leave a raised scar, and I didn’t want that!”

As it turns out, Jami’s job ended up helping her prevent that scarring from happening to some of these incisions from the surgeries. Jami is a Sales Representative of skin and hair care products to professional salons in Arizona. When her company decided to represent the product lines of Malibu Wellness, Jami was given an opportunity to attend a Total Oxidation Management seminar given by Tom Porter.

“When he gave the seminar, I remember Tom Porter actually saying that the fresh dried Vitamins C and E would help heal and prevent scarring. I was pretty interested. I understand that the Vitamin C could cause slight sensitivity to the wound initially but that it would subside after daily repeated application. I decided at that point that I should try it. I asked my doctor about it and he said that Vitamin C is good, but, it depended upon the quality of the product.”

Jami decided to try her own experiment to test on her own skin the difference the Vitamin C Serum could make. “I started with only applying the Vitamin C Serum on one particular incision, which was actually the worst one. I applied it three times a day; once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening, with the WrinkleLess Moisturizer applied to the wound right afterward,” she says.

“To my surprise it really didn’t burn or sting at all! Since I really wanted to see the difference for myself, I decided to just apply the Vitamin C Serum on one incision, and leave two incisions alone without applying it.”
The rapid results caught her off guard. “I was very surprised. I actually had a visit with my doctor after I had tried this experiment and he was also very surprised! I had kept applying the Vitamin C Serum for about 4 days to that one incision, and it just healed up in four days!”

Jami had decided she had seen enough to convince her she wanted the other incisions included in her Total Oxidation Management plan. “I started using it on the other incisions about four days later and they also healed in two days. The worst one that should be very noticeable now only has a very small scar, more like just a little incision.”

“I know it made a difference because I know how fast it healed and it hadn’t healed at all in that first week before.”
Jami decided to document her experience, but unfortunately, doesn’t have a picture from day one after the surgery. “I didn’t take a before picture immediately, but I took one the fourth day of when I started using the Vitamin C Serum on both sides. And you can see that even my worst incision isn’t bad now.”

“It’s helped, it really has!” So much so, that she’s started using the same  Vitamin C Serum on her face to manage other oxidation problems. “I use the Vitamin C Serum, WrinkleLess Moisturizer and Facial Cleanser twice a day on my face. I’ve used the kit (WrinkleLess Kit) long enough now to notice that my sun damage is fading.”
She’s now busy educating her clients, family and friends about the importance of Total Oxidation Management, especially after her own experience with the wounds on her knee convinced her after just four days of use. “When we first got distributorship, I started spreading the word. Even my husband uses the skin care line!”

“These products really do work, and my own extended family members have noticed. My stepmother is a Mary Kay® distributor, and my own mother has been a longtime fan of Lancôme®, but they both acknowledge that Malibu's line is a pretty cool line!”