“As a man, you don’t get that much exposure to skin care products while you’re growing up,” laughed George of Dallas. However, his job caused him to break with American tradition and become an expert in the field of skin and hair care. After he became a top executive for a national department store’s salon division, George made it a priority to learn as much as he could about the science of products that are sold in department stores and salons.

That’s how he became aware of Total Oxidation Management® from Malibu Wellness, one of the salon suppliers. George stated, “What fascinated me about this company’s unique concept was the depth of new science and unique education. Out of all the ingredients and products being “sold” to me by our suppliers, no one but Tom Porter, Founder of Malibu Wellness, was talking about managing the oxidation and free radicals on skin with Vitamin C and Vitamin E. As Tom continued to send me more research on Total Oxidation Management ® using these vitamins, I took it upon myself to begin reading and learning what I could about Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Soon it was clear to me that the information Tom was sharing with me and the professionals in our salons about his unique delivery of Vitamin C and Vitamin E for the hair and skin was real!”

“I am a little unique because I was in the industry,” George continues. “Because of the company I represent, I have had access to people at industry conferences and learned about the ozone layer and the sun.” Just as George began testing the Malibu C products, George had the opportunity to prove to himself the value of Total Oxidation Management® and Vitamin C in protecting the skin against free radical damage caused by oxidation from the sun...he got sunburned.

“I knew that you need some type of protection 24 hours a day. But without realizing it, I had stayed out in an overcast day in Dallas, Tex. It was over three years ago and I was working in the yard all day. I had my face protected, but my neck and arms got very burned. I remembered what Tom said and decided to put Total Oxidation Management to the test; so, I applied the Vitamin C Serum on my neck, but I didn’t put it anywhere else, “ George reports.

“What was interesting was that in about four or five days my arms were peeling and the neck never peeled. I was absolutely amazed. I told Tom I have given his product the test under the worst conditions. You don’t have to be too smart to realize something is happening when you apply these products to the skin.”

Total Oxidation Management ® made sense to George. “There’s got to be a better way to get results on your skin than to shock it or peel it on a consistent basis, and that’s what so many suppliers were advocating.” George just kept hearing Tom’s opinion that normalizing the skin was so much healthier than alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic and peels that radically exfoliate the skin.

What frustrated George as he learned more and more about the beauty industry is the expense of ingredients that sound impressive, but not very effective. Unfortunately, he’s seen a lot of that in the personal care industry. “Most of these product lines have exotic sounding ingredients, but there is little science behind them. Yet they charge as much as $100 an ounce for one bottle, without sound scientific data to back up their claims. Show me the scientific data!” George exclaims.

George has discovered that personal care is a lifestyle issue. “There’s a lot of clutter in the skin industry... a lot of extra products that you really don’t need. Not only does it drive up the cost, but also, busy people don’t have time to go through five or six steps a day. Besides, a person needs to use good skin care products their entire life and it has to be viable and affordable for everyone. Less than five percent of the population can afford an expensive product everyday; so it isn’t really a viable product. That just doesn’t make sense.”

The other aspect of the Malibu C product line that George appreciates is the fact that the Total Oxidation Management® team has continued to refine and improve the product line and its delivery system over the years. Total Oxidation Management® expands as new skin research becomes available.

George had the opportunity to test a newer version of the Vitamin C Serum. Once again, he had spent too much time in his own yard not realizing areas of his skin needed protection. “Saturday night we had a hail storm, and Sunday I got up and went out at 9 a.m. and I shredded trees outside most of the day. Guess what... I burned my neck again. I had not applied the Vitamin C Serum to the back of my neck; but when I realized I was sunburned, I immediately applied the Vitamin C Serum and the sunburn was so much better right away, and there was no peeling days later. The way that I look at it, if this stuff works that well after exposure like that, imagine how good it is for my skin every day.”

“I think everybody should use these products. And they are especially important for men who are exposed to the elements. We were never taught that we should take care of our skin. I think this product is terrific and I see how they have worked on me for the last three years. I use them every day as my skin care and when I need to repair unprotected skin that was overexposed. I love that I only need the two core products that use the fresh-dried Vitamin C and natural Vitamin E. In all my research, I never saw products do for skin what Malibu C has done for me.”