I am officially addicted to your products. Your Vital Creme is the first facial moisturizer ever that I've been able to use without breaking out. I've tried dozens of products since I was in my teens but never used any for more than a day or two because sure enough, pimples would start popping up. I tried non-comedogenic, oil-free, non-acnegenic, all different ones with no luck. I am now in my early thirties and continued to have that problem until I found Malibu C. I have used it for about two weeks now and my skin is still clear. Not to mention my face now has a youthful glow and is looking clearer every day. I use it in conjunction with your Zinc C Serum, another awesome product. Your products are simple, quick and easy to use, too and that is essential when you are a busy Mom without much time to spare. My older son is autistic so time for me is very sparse. I am so happy. I could go on and on about your other products that I love but the list would run pretty long. You have me as a customer for life. Thank you.