Lionel says he never thought much about the sun; he just enjoyed every activity that had to do with sun and water. He admits to getting his share of sunburns, including a very memorable one around age 18. He’s from South Africa and has sailed and water-skied for 20 years. His lone concession to the sun’s burning rays was to wear a wide-brimmed water hat.

As he started getting older, Lionel noticed spots on his face and decided it was time to check in with a dermatologist. After shining a bright light on his skin, the doctor suggested a cream to help remove pre-cancerous cells.

After two weeks of using that cream, Lionel decided he wanted to try something else. His job with a skin care distribution company to professional salons gave him an opportunity to attend a seminar with Tom Porter from Malibu Wellness for the Malibu C skin care product line.

Lionel met with Tom and asked for advice. Tom’s recommendation to Lionel - don’t wait for the spots to harden, use Total Oxidation Management® now, beginning with the Original Serum.

“I noticed actual reversal of the sun damage after using Original C Serum and Perfection Creme,” Lionel says. “My face is much better and even seems to look and feel softer. With the ointment that I got from the doctor, my skin actually broke out, and I’ve seen that result on my friends of mine from the yacht club who also have the same sun damage. The spots sort of hardened on their faces after blistering before they finally fell off.

With the Original CSerum on my skin, the spots just healed and went away. I’ve been using the Malibu C skin care system for about four or five months now.

It’s interesting because I’m not the only one to notice. People who know me have commented that my skin looks so much better. Every single one of my customers has commented about the difference in my skin. I’m now trying some of the Malibu Wellness scalp products on my scalp.

So instead of just selling this as just another product line, I’ve become a regular customer myself, and I’ve been in the salon product business for a while. I use the  Malibu C Original C Serum, Perfection Creme and Eye Toner. Maybe I wouldn’t have run across this line if I hadn’t already been in the industry, but I’ll tell you very honestly, now that I know it’s available, I’ll always use it. People tell me that they think I’m in my mid-fifties and I’m 68 years old!” he laughs.