“I’m a sun freak; I’ll admit it. I’ve been one all my life, and I’m paying for it now.”

Mary Lynn lives on the beautiful, sun-drenched coast of South Carolina. Unfortunately, her sun worship days are over. Two years ago a freckle on her face was diagnosed as melanoma. The scar that it left was incredibly deep.

“By the time the doctor finished with the surgery on my face, I had a crater in my right cheek about the size of a measuring tablespoon. It took seven digs to get all of the melanoma. I was horrified when I saw it,” she said.

Her dermatologist sent her to see a plastic surgeon, Dr. Marcelo Hochman, in Charleston, to have a reconstructive procedure. “After the sutures were removed, Dr. Hochman introduced me to Malibu C and explained that by using the Vitamin C Serum and the WrinkleLess Moisturizer twice a day, I could help reduce the scarring. I massaged it into my skin twice a day. He told me it would help diminish the scar in time. He did say that it would take time. In about six months, I was able to tell a big difference. First of all, the scar was not as red and it flattened out, it wasn’t as raised up. Without makeup, you can still notice the scar, but it has really diminished the redness. When I wear makeup, though, you cannot see it at all. Friends who didn’t know that I had the surgery can’t tell. The Vitamin C and E have made a huge difference.”

“I am really sold on these products and I am not that way about many products. But this scar on my face would not be as minimized if it weren’t for Malibu C Vitamin C Serum and WrinkleLess Moiturizer. 

Mary Lynn hopes that her story will serve as a fair warning to other women and young girls about the dangers of skin cancer, beginning with her own family. “I want to get the WrinkleLess system  for my daughters. They are also sun freaks, and I’m afraid they’re following in my footsteps.”