I'm very lucky - I have had curly hair all my life. I have soft, springy curls; sure they frizz occasionally but for the most part they behaved. Then my military husband was stationed in Europe. The water here is VERY hard and has a lot of sediment (no matter how much you try, you can't get the lime film off pots, pans, clothes, etc.). My hair looked sad! I couldn't get it to curl because of the weight of all of the gunk left behind. For over two years now my hair has been frizzy, dull and generally unhappy. I've tried tons of shampoos, products and talked to numerous people about what they use with no luck.  Then I Googled "hard water shampoo" and found Malibu C. The first day I used it I noticed a DRASTIC difference! My hair doesn't lay flat anymore! My hair has a beautiful shine again. I can run my fingers through it without finding a million knots. Out of five starts, I give Malibu C for Hard Water five million stars!