Malibu C is the only brand I trust when it comes to skin care. I have struggled for years to find a cleanser (and not to mention everything else that goes with it) that doesn't irritate my skin. I've tried every big brand out there and most of them have either made the problem worse or created a new issue. I am always wary of the chemicals in products as well, but any research I ever tried to do regarding skin care left me confused and a little petulant. Ever since I decided to give Malibu C a try, I knew I was a customer for LIFE. These products not only improved but CHANGED my skin! After 4-6 weeks the change was so dramatic I stopped wearing foundation to show off my skin. I was amazed and everyone else will be, too. A lot of other brands boast about the science behind their skin care, but Malibu C really has it mastered. The best things are pure. Thank you for not allowing me to rub unknown chemicals all over my skin any longer. ;-)