When Rod cuts hair on stage, there’s a spotlight, huge audiences of adoring stylists, dancers, and lots of loud rock ‘n roll!

Besides operating his own salon called “Images by Rod & Co.” in Rantoul, Ill., he’s an international platform artist and travels the globe as the main attraction for important hair shows. He wields the tools of his trade almost like the main character in the movie “Edward Scissorhands”.

The finished cutting edge haircut he brings to his models elicits “oohs and aahs” from the professionals in the audience who clap and whistle like fans at a rock concert. In that rock concert mode, he teaches stylists the latest techniques, with skilled hands that have sculpted thousands of haircuts.

Today, he’s a star in the business, but about 15 years ago, he almost had to quit the profession that has brought him fame. The hands that masterfully cut, nearly failed him because of the exposure to oxidating chemicals , such as peroxide, used in hair coloring/bleaching solutions and perms.

“When I got my cosmetology license and first started working with colors and especially perms, my hands would break out terribly. I would have open sores that cracked and bled, like dermatitis. It actually began when I was in school to get my cosmetology license. I wasn’t sure at all that I could go on,” he said.

For awhile, he thought he might have to give up the part of his profession that included using color and perm chemicals. He went to physicians for help, but found no relief in the steroid creams they prescribed. “When I would go to the doctors they would treat the symptoms with creams for dermatitis. But they didn’t know how to fix the actual problem, because they didn’t understand the oxidation processes that were going on in the salon and how to manage them.”

That changed when Rod found Malibu Wellness. Once he understood Total Oxidation Management®, he had control of his hands and most of his challenges that he had with the chemicals in his salon. Rod learned about Total Oxidation Management ® and how to use this new concept in the salon to insure the health of both his clients’ hair and his own skin.

“Tom Porter and Dr. Ault taught me about Total Oxidation Management®. They taught me how to treat the problems, not the symptoms. First, I began using Malibu Crystal Gel Normalizer before and after my services to prepare the hair then stop the oxidation that was in the water and in the chemicals. I learned that water itself is an oxidizer due to the chlorine and then you just add more oxidation with peroxide. You’re in “total oxidization” until you use the Malibu Crystal Gel Normalizer to stop the processing. Without it, well, it was like putting layers of Velcro® over my hands! Over time, at the end of the day, they just eat at your skin. You can stop oxidation on the client’s hair and on your skin with the fresh-dried vitamins in the Malibu Crystal Gel Normalizer.”

Rod began teaching Total Oxidation Management® to clients and other professionals and to this day, Rod is still a part of the Malibu Wellness Salon network. Once he began getting his skin “In the Mode,” the improvement in the condition of his hands was incredible. He added more products to his own regimen by including Malibu C Hand Guardian Barrier Lotion.

Hand Guardian is like an invisible glove, it’s really something else that’s great in the Malibu collection. The Malibu Wellness collection complements the other products we have in our salon and onstage with Sexy Hair Concepts®. I use them both all the time. In fact, because I do a ton of color all the time, I truly believe that a stylist can not be a good colorist unless he or she understands the principles of oxidation and uses Malibu Crystal Gel Normalizers to control it. Unfortunately, I believe that 90% of all hairdressers out there still do not understand how to control oxidation. When their clients leave the salon, their hair is still oxidizing.”

Today, Rod Sickler makes it a point to emphasize information about managing oxidation when he teaches stylists in his salon and at his shows. He remembers how badly his own hands hurt from exposure to oxidizing chemicals and passes on what he has learned to others in the business. “I hoped that I’ve saved the skin of other professionals, as well as, of course, helping the clients’ hair!”

To this day, Rod makes sure his own skin stays “In the Mode.” As he puts it, “I still use Malibu C Hand Guardian every day. And right before I go to bed, I continue what I’ve been doing for more than ten years by putting the Sensitive Skin Moisturizer on my hands and Vitamin C Serum and Wrinkle-Less Wellness Moisturizer with 5% Vitamin E on my face. People sometimes guess my age to be 10 to 15 years younger!”