I have been using Malibu C products for over a year now on myself and my clients and these are Crystal Gel and Perfection C Serum are some of the most amazing products!  Malibu C Crystal Gel has helped change the condition of my own hair tremendously. I have no color on my hair, but I do have highlights and anytime my hair looks dull or feels tangled I use Crystal Gel for 45 minutes under the dryer and WOW, my hair feels like virgin hair all over again. So much shine and strength after removing all the minerals and build up on my hair. I have also noticed using Crystal Gel on my clients has helped them see better color results and more longevity. I have recently started using the Malibu C Perfection C Serum. I have normal to very dry skin but have been having issues with texture on my skin for about a year. After using Malibu C Perfection C Serum morning and night for just one month, my skin is like new! It retains moisture and all my texture is completely gone! I am so happy to have found an answer to my skin prayers! Love love love Malibu C products!