At the age of 37, years of chemical peels had left Elaine, from Phoenix, Arizona, with hypersensitive skin. After using most products, she would have breakouts followed by scarring. “I have religiously followed a good skin care regimen, at times sparing no expense,” says Elaine. As a result of excessive exposure to the outdoors while she was growing up, the damage to her skin as she got older became more apparent.

“I have worked in the beauty industry most of my life and have had many corrective options available to me,” says Elaine. To cover up the damage, “I began using makeup with more and more coverage. Eventually, I felt I had no choice but to seek out more aggressive alternatives.

She was told a polyglycolic peel would work, “which I did numerous times, with unsatisfactory results. At the time, Microdermabrasion seemed to be the most likely next step since I felt I had to take aggressive steps to improve my skin. While my skin texture began to show some signs of improvement, these series of skin resurfacing procedures seemed to make my face more sensitive and did not help normalize my occasional blemishes and scarring.”

Then Elaine met Tom Porter, Founder of Malibu Wellness. “I listened to his approach to normalizing the skin using Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It made me realize how simple the answer was. By normalizing my skin with the right form, percentages and delivery system of Vitamin C and Vitamin E, I could prevent breakouts that inevitably led to scarring and protect my skin from the environment.”

Elaine began using the EC Mode® Vitamin C Original Serum and EC Mode® Wrinkle-Less Moisturizer and within thirty days or so, “I could visibly see an improvement in my skin. Seeing these changes in my skin in such a short period of time, I am confident that continuing to use the EC Mode® Vitamin C Original Serum and EC Mode® Wrinkle-Less Moisturizer morning and night will correct abnormalities of my skin and begin reversing cellular damage. This philosophy and approach not only makes sense but it is the answer and the results I have been looking for.”