I am a nail technician in Pacific Palisades, Calif. who heard about Total Oxidation Management ® and Malibu Wellness' fresh-dried vitamin skin care line called Malibu C. I am told I have beautiful skin however; as I was approaching the age of thirty, I developed a large hyper-pigmentation spot under my right eye that looked like a birthmark, which everyone was telling me was an age spot.

This spot appeared when I had an alpha hydroxy acid peel a few years ago. I was told this power peel of my skin would make my skin look even younger. First, the procedure made my skin very red and tender. But when it healed, it looked good. Then months later, I started to notice a small dark spot under my right eye. I went to my skin care specialist and was told I needed another peel. So, I had another glycolic peel.

After the second peel, the spot initially went away, only to reappear bigger! So, I was advised to have another peel. I had another peel believing that the peel was removing my dark spot, not realizing that the peel was actually the cause of the dark spot. Months later the spot was as big as the size of a dime!

I finally went to a dermatologist. I had never spent much time in the sun as a child, but I was being told the spot was caused by sun exposure from when I was young. The doctor prescribed “hydroquinone” to lighten or bleach the spot. And it worked. The spot was much lighter and I was satisfied until I was advised that hydroquinone is not a lifestyle product and it was only for a treatment of the spot. As soon as I discontinued the hydroquinone, the spot reappeared as dark as it had been before.

Make-up, to camouflage the awful spot, was the only answer until a client suggested I try Original C serum. My client suggested that it might take up to six months to see the spot fade, but that once it faded, I could at least remain on the product the rest of my life without concern, unlike other products that I had tried!

I purchased the Original C Serum and the Perfection Creme and began using the products. I saw results the first day, and by the end of the first week, the dark spot was barely visible. I had clients commenting on my skin and I couldn’t believe that in one week, the dark spot was not visible to my clients.

Now, I’m ‘In the Mode’ everyday. It is clear that oxidation just in the air contributed to the appearance of the dark spot which was a result of the glycolic AHA peel.” I advised my friends and clients of what happened to my skin and I don't recommend a “skin peel” to anyone.

I'm  “In the Mode” after every time I cleanse my face, morning and night. I am told that my complexion is that of an 18 year old and that my skin looks radiant. I continue to follow the trends and new technologies for skin. However, I know when something works,  and Total Oxidation Management ® on my face works…all day and all night long. I will never have another chemical peel in my life.