The spots on her face were about the size of a dime, large enough for Shirley to not only notice, but also worry about. When she visited her dermatologist, his recommendation was to immediately remove them with cryosurgery, a procedure that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze (burn) the cancerous tissue and destroy it. She didn’t think about the immediate after-effects, or how her skin would heal. Since she had traveled a great distance and they were going to scrape the tissue in order to test for skin cancer, it was suggested that she could save another trip in if they went ahead and removed them.

She wasn’t prepared for what she saw when the doctor was finished.

“Now I had spots bigger than a nickel! I did panic. I could not believe it. The doctor had to go relatively deep on two of them since they were bigger than he originally thought. He said I may have scarring. Two of the spots immediately swelled and blistered and I thought to myself ‘what have I done?”

Shirley said the immediately results were painful as the swelling and blistering intensified. The dressing applied to the wounds in the office didn’t help. So Shirley took matters into her own hands and tried to normalize her skin herself.

“I immediately went home and pulled out my Zinc C Serum and Wrinkle-Less Moisturizer and got relief. It was very soothing to the stop the heat.”

She applied Zinc C Serum and Wrinkle-Less Moisturizer daily, expecting the healing process to take a long time. She was anxious to see how bad the scarring might be since one of the spots was “hollowed out,” as she put it. “I thought that maybe in a couple of weeks it would be on its way to healing, but within days the one that had not blistered was completely gone. The other two were also better. The one that was the deepest was gone in a week and the worst one took no longer than a week.”

The medical staff where she had the procedure was amazed at not only how quickly she healed, but how smooth and normal her skin looked.

“I had been using the Zinc C Serum and Wrinkle-Less Moisturizer for about a year, primarily because I had an age spot on my face that it was helping diminish. I have a tendency to scar anyway, so I am very impressed with the EC Mode skin care products. They are a lifesaver. I cannot be without them!”