For ten years, I've worn heavy-duty makeup under my eyes to conceal a broken capillary that resulted in a bump that made me feel self-conscious. I could actually see the bump in the skin, and I used the same makeup they use on burn patients to cover the red in the vein that showed through. It was really annoying.

I decided to try  Malibu C  skin care.  I put the Original C Serum and Perfection Creme moisturizer on in the morning and I just kept using it. The broken capillary just slowly, gradually faded. And now, I don’t wear any of the heavy makeup anymore. I was actually shocked. The bump has gone down, too. My skin isn’t red anymore; it’s actually 97% better! What I like about this is the fact that it’s natural. I’m very much into holistic health practices, so the fact that I didn’t have to use laser surgery and was able to use vitamins is just great.

I don’t constantly look in the mirror anymore like I used to. First thing, I’d always check to see how it looked. Now, even in my family, no one notices it anymore. It’s really cut down my makeup regimen, too.

I was pleased with my own results that I've encouraged other members of my  family to use the Original C Serum. My son has the occasional teenage acne breakout now and then. His skin will look red and inflamed and it’s amazing how the Original C Serum really calms his face down. It takes the red away.

Two different kinds of skin problems in one family, and one solution worked for both. “I tell all my clients about it. I mean, this isn’t a scientific test, but it sure worked. And I’m thrilled about it.