I am red-haired, fair-skinned and in my 50's. I was a swimmer in high school and also, unfortunately for my complexion, outside too much. I suffered from Solar Actinic Keratosis. You can't really see it as much as you can feel it. My skin was very scaly and not smooth at all but since I've used the Zinc C Serum, my skin almost has a baby feel to it. It feels silky and smooth. I'm retired but I work on cars. I'll get dirty but I've noticed the Zinc C Serum doesn't allow dirt and oil to get into your pores. I love it. I now don't have problems or conditions because of the Zinc C Serum and if it's something you can use that is all natural and better for you then I'm all for it. The Malibu C skin care line is a way for people to look and feel better about themselves and keep a natural, youthful look and feel so I recommend it. Once you start using it, you won't stop.