I just recently moved to a hard water area where I had been used to a place using a water softener. First off, my hair is colored so a lot of shampoos strip my color. So, after washing my hair a few times with my normal shampoo, my hair felt literally like straw. I was a disaster to the point that my ends were so bad they were splitting and breaking. So, I go on an Internet search and find Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Wellness Remedy and thought surely it can't hurt to try. It is 100% vegan. I thought this may take a few tries. But after the first time, my hair was rescued. I have used the products four times since and my hair gets better each time. The shampoo lathers wonderfully, doesn't take much and I love that it comes in a liter bottle. To say the least, I am sold!