I just moved to Illinois from Los Angeles. In L.A. I had FABULOUS hair...then I moved to Illinois and we have well water. I had no idea how quickly hard water can ruin your hair. What was once sleek and silky had become straw-like and completely unmanageable. I tried a few products from Redken, but to no avail. I reached out to my hairdresser of 15 years in Los Angeles (John Darin), and he told me about Malibu C. I ordered Malibu C Hard Water Wellness and it came the day of my wedding!!! Hallelujah! I immediately used the Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner and was able to actually blow dry my hair straight with no straw-like ends. The next day however, my hair was hard again. I called the contact number listed on your website and spoke with a woman who assured me that there were still hard water deposits in my hair and that I needed to apply the Hard Water Wellness Remedy packet again (allowing them to stay on my hair for fifteen minutes). I did as she directed and SHAZAAM! I had fabulous hair again!