Dr. Steve L., of Clearwater, Fla., is no stranger to the world of vitamins—he consults in the field of chiropractic natural health and has been very active in this field for twenty-five years. During the past six years, he has participated in trade shows that feature health and skin care products. Over the span of his career, he developed the habit of sharing different vitamin products with his family, including his mother. “I’d send her all kinds of new things to try, so she’s seen a lot over the years. But nothing has ever really impressed her to the point of specifically asking for a refill, except for one product: Malibu C Original C Serum,” he says.

The skin on his mom’s face was showing abnormalities from sun exposure, a form of actinic keratosis. She was reluctant to undergo treatment after seeing what her husband, Steve’s stepfather, had gone through for the same problem. The doctor literally scraped deep in to the skin to remove all of her husband’s affected cells.

Steve’s mother was adamant that she did not want that done to the skin on her face. So she was especially receptive to her son’s suggestion. Rather than resort to a more drastic approach, Steve gave his mom a bottle of Original C Serum and Perfection Creme to apply to her skin twice daily. A couple of weeks later, the spot on her nose was gone. When another case flared up on another part of her skin, she applied the products, and once again, had success. His mom was very pleased, but Steve wasn’t surprised, since he had singled out this product line from all the others he saw at health and skin care trade shows across the country.

“You know I’m thrilled that it worked so well, but I wasn’t shocked at how effective it was because I’ve seen Malibu C Original C Serum work so well with so many other people. Just by normalizing the skin cells with this fresh-dried, freshly-activated Vitamin C, it seems like the cells are saying, ‘OK, we can work again, we can get back to normal.’”

“My mom thinks it’s great and she always lets me know when she’s run out—she always ask, ‘Can you send me more?’ It’s one of the few products she does that with.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Steve follows his own consultant advice. “I use it, too. Every single day, right after shaving, I apply the Original C Serum and Perfection Creme.  Then at night, I wash my face and apply it again. It’s in my own routine daily, because I know first-hand that this product stands out from the crowd!”