I had adult acne, the hormonal, cystic type that was actually painful. It would flare up each month, especially along my jaw line. My case was bad enough that I would see an esthetician every four to five weeks for extraction treatments just to help keep it under control.

I've been a professional stylist for the past 13 years, recommending Malibu C products to my customers, especially before and after color treatments. The water here in Ventura, California is very hard, so for my clients, I use the Malibu C Un Do Goo Shampoo and Crystal Gel treatment before every color and the Miracle Repair after the color. My customers have noticed that their color lasts longer and remains vibrant longer.

After having good results with the hair care, I decided to try the skin care line featuring the Zinc C Serum.  It only took one month to see a difference in my acne condition. Within that month my skin went from awful to beautiful! I had the type of acne that was deep under the skin, and I don’t have it anymore. Now I have my skin routine down pat and in control. I use the Algae Clay Masque once a week, and the  Zinc C Serum and the Sensitive Skin Moisturizer every day morning and night. I’ve been religiously using it. When it runs low, I buy the next two months' supply, so that I never run out of it completely. I even have my 15 year old brother “In the Malibu Mode” and he uses the Zinc C Serum to clean up his acne, too!

It's a whole new face staring back at me in the mirror, even when I use a high-powered mirror. I was looking at my skin in a 10x magnifying mirror and I don’t have anything on my skin. Oh my gosh, there is nothing to extract! I’m just blown away by that! My esthetician said "What are you doing" and I said that it has to be the Zinc C Serum. Now she wants to try it on her own skin.