I moved into my home ten years ago, and coming from a home that was on city water to one that is on well water, I didn't know much about it. Approximately two years ago, my hair starting getting really dry and falling out in handfuls. I got really scared and went to dermatologists and gynecologists trying to figure out what the problem was. With a lot of tests and no answers, they told me it was age. I'm 48 and I know a lot of women older than I am that have beautiful, thick hair. I went to a professional hair show in October of 2010 and went to the Malibu Wellness class. The best move I ever made. I've been using Malibu C products ever since and my hair has stopped falling out and it has its shine back. We have a lot of lime in our water and also copper pipes. I tell everyone that comes into my salon about Malibu C. Thank you so much!