We have lived in an area with really hard scaling water. I was constantly fighting dandruff, limp, frizzy hair. I couldn't figure out why my hair had changed and attributed it possibly to pregnancy. After going to my hair stylist and discussing more products with many chemicals to try, I started doing research online and discovered there was a shampoo and conditioner for hard water. I never thought it could by my water wreaking havoc on my hair, but it made sense, as I could see the lime scale buildup in our coffee maker and on dishes. I decided to get rid of all the chemical treatments and try the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit and I noticed a dramatic improvement. My hair color has lasted so much longer (been nearly a year since I colored it), no more dandruff and my hair has body again, and feels generally healthy. My husband even uses the products now and loves them, too. We now have a water softener, but I still use the Hard Water Wellness products due to the salt used to soften the water. I also love that Malibu C products are vegan - something important to us. I think we will forever be Malibu C customers now. Their product line is extensive and they are quality products with minimal ingredients.