First let me say that I am a complete skeptic when it comes to pretty much any facial product. Maybe because I've invested a small fortune in expensive professional skincare lines that seemed to have done more harm than good. I suffer from endometriosis, and as a result, I get very painful, cystic acne. I was in the worst break-out period of my life two weeks ago. I had tried a new acne cleanser that left me with scaly, peeling and painful skin. A friend of mine INSISTED on Malibu C Acne C Serum immediately, and fortunately I listened. I kid you not, two days later my skin had already improved dramatically. It is now two weeks later and I have not had any new breakouts, and my complexion seems brighter with no swelling or redness. I am completely sold and can't wait to try the rest of the products in the line.  THANK YOU MALIBU C!!