My teenage daughter is a competitive swimmer. There came a point when her skin on her face was red, raw and itchy (looked burned), mostly around her eyes (goggle eyes). The only time her issues would calm was if she took several days off from training. She loves swimming and didn't want to give it up. She tried many new types and brands of goggles, many different skin care products, and went to four different doctors for relief (primary care, dermatologist, optomologist and allergist). Nothing helped. We knew about Malibu C hair care products for swimmers, so decided to look into the Malibu C skin care line. It was the best thing that happened to her. Her skin improved so much after starting to use the Purifi Pure Blend Cleanser and Perfection Creme. She is so happy that she finally found help for her skin. She is now able to go straight to school from morning practice without feeling self-conscious about her skin. I am not a swimmer but I love the smell and feel of the Purifi Cleanser and use it also. It's a wonderful product.