Late one evening after feeling my hair I said to myself: "someone must make a product/shampoo for hard water." While I found several different websites, I was drawn to Malibu C so I checked out your site and I started reading about your Hard Water Wellness. When I read on your site about "What's Hiding in Your Water" I knew that was my problem. 

I privately messaged your company on Facebook and received a very quick reply - I was impressed. I later called your customer service department and the person I spoke with was extremely nice. I explained to her that we had built our dream home several years back and we have hard water so we had a salt water system installed. My hair was starting to feel weighed down and oily.  We later had the company come back to do maintenance on our system and the technician noticed we had copper water pipes. He told my husband we needed another system due to the copper. So we had a calcite system installed which resulted in our water having high iron and magnesium content. 

As a result, throughout the years my beautiful long, blonde hair became dry, and I couldn't even get a comb through my hair. I tried product after product and couldn't find a solution until I found your Hard Water Wellness products and OMG, if I could come through the computer and give you a hug, I would! After just one use, my hair is so silky, shiny and alive again - THANK YOU!

Your company has exceeded my expectations from the very first phone call and I will forever be a Malibu C cusotmer and share my experience with everyone, including my stylist!