I have been a hairstylist for ten years. I have always used the Malibu MakeOver (Crystal Gel and Miracle Repair) and I have always been 100% happy with the results. Then I went to the Baltimore hair show and tried the Malibu Blondes Wellness system (shampoo, conditioner and remedy) and absolutely love it. The next year I went back to the hair show and not only went to the Malibu C booth but I took the Malibu C class and learned so much. I was so impressed with the educator and all that I had learned so I purchased the Malibu C Un-Do-Goo shampoo and Miracle Repair and just about all the other Malibu C Wellness Remedies as I've always loved everything but personally, I was blown away by Malibu C skin care products. I don't have terrible skin, just normal to dry and common breakouts every once in a while so I purchased Purifi Facial Cleanser, Original C Wellness Serum and Perfection Creme. Not only could I see a difference but everyone around me was complimenting how good my skin looked and how I had a glow. Malibu C skin care system is easy, effective and best of all not harsh and very refreshing. I have never been so happy with an entire product line like I have with Malibu C. I tell everyone about it and Malibu C has a customer for life in me.