I have many clients in a rural area with hard water. One in particulare whose beautiful blonde hair was turning completely orange. :-( I had read about Malibu C and decided it was my next option to help my clients. I did the first Malibu C Crystal Gel wellness remedy and it was completely unbelievable. I shampooed her hair, then processed the Crystal Gel under the dryer for 40 minutes. After processing and shampooing her hair, it looked like I had just coloured it. It was beautiful again and not damaged in any way. The Crystal Gel was even gentle on my hands when applying it. I sent my client home with the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo, Conditioner and wellness remedies to use at home and the difference in her hair from appointment to appointment is really just amazing. I'm so glad I discovered Malibu C so that I'm able to help my clients have beautiful hair regardless of their water. The "Before" and "After" photos show how amazing the difference is.