I have been a hair stylist for over sixteen years and a salon owner for eight years. I spent the first eight years as a professional searching for a skin care line that didn't disappoint me. At an educational event in Niagara Falls, NY, I was introduced to the skin care line by Malibu C and have been using it faithfully in the salon as well as personally ever since. I have been using the Original C Serum, Perfection Creme and Purifi Pure Blend Facial Cleanser and the masks for about eight years and my skin has never looked better. At the age of thirty-six, I had my skin analyzed and was told I had the skin of a twenty year old...not one wrinkle! 

I also can't say enough about the Malibu hair care products. Specifically the demineralizing treatments are a Godsend in the salon. I can guarantee a "WOW" factor on any client after I use the Malibu MakeOver. As an inside tip for those stylists who are reluctant to use the Crystal Gel before doing a color due to the time factor. There is no need to be. I find I can shampoo my client and put them under the dryer processing the Crystal Gel leaving me plenty of time to do a haircut on another client in between. It is also a great profit builder on those clients who opt to only get a haircut. As for the client, they are "WOWED" with the results and they don't mind spending the extra time either. I like to point out to them that they are getting extra value with the Crystal Gel (full Malibu MakeOver service) as their color will last longer and their hair will become stronger with noticeably less breakage.