I have had Alopecia for 15 years. My hair would grow a little and then come right back out. It was so frustrating to keep buying all kinds of expensive products with no hair growth results. When I went to the dermatologist, he recommended Rogaine. I told him that when you stop using it, your hair will fall right back out. He told me to use it or get shots to the scalp. My husband and I were reluctant to get shots into my scalp, so that was not an option.

I was on the computer trying to educate myself (after having all my hair cut to the scalp once again) and I saw a recommendation from the Alopecia Foundation to try Malibu Wellness' scalp system. I went to Malibu Wellness' web site and read about what they recommended for Alopecia. I put in my order and was so pleased that in three days my products were in my hands. I started using the products in the beginning of December, 2009. I have a lot of allergies to hair products which made me a little worried about putting the scalp wellness crystals on my scalp. The first day, it did make my scalp sting a bit and itch. I thought "oh no, I am allergic to this product, too." However, I thought I would try it again a couple of days later and at that time I had no reaction. (I have now learned it was because my scalp layers were so abnormal the vitamin in the scalp crystals was beginning to normalize my scalp). I'm so glad I tried the product again because I now have some growth in the area that was completely bald , one month ago. For the first time in 15 years, I have hair around the edges of my hair. It had been lost from wearing wigs and braids all the time.

Thank you so much Malibu Wellness for your Scalp Wellnes System. Per my beautician, I should have full covering of my scalp in about 3-4 months. I am looking forward to that time. It will be so nice to not have to wear a wig, wrap, or hat on my head.


My beautician told me yesterday that he should be able to give me a hairstyle on my return to him in 2 weeks. He asked me how I want him to style my hair and Itold him whatever way he styles it will be fine since it has been 15 years since I have had a hairstyle of my own hair!