I love all the Malibu hair care products! I have used every professional product line and none of it comes close to Malibu Wellness products.

I use the Malibu MakeOver on swimmers' hair to get rid of the green, on discolored and over-processed hair to get rid of buildup before applying new color. The color stays longer and is more vibrant.

I also use it on my clients who have oily scalp, sunburned scalp that is flaking and also on teenagers/men with dandruff problems. It works better than all other dandruff shampoos. I didn't have any problem coming through their hair without dry, dead skin cells on my comb. I don't know about you, but it grosses me out when I have to section their hair and see dry, flaky skin all over the client's head. The clients get embarrassed, too. It only takes a few minutes and those minutes are worth it!

The Malibu shampoos are great! I have a client who has acne problems. After using the Scalp Wellness shampoo on her scalp she noticed a difference. Her scalp wasn't as oily and her hair didn't look like she poured a gallon of vegetable oil on it. She asked me if she could use it on her face, since she had problems with oily skin. I told her I didn't know but that I would find out for her. I called Malibu Wellness customer service and asked if it was ok for a client to use the Scalp Wellness Shampoo on her face and the customer support representative assured me that it was fine to use on the face and entire body since it is a sulfate-free shampoo that is pH balanced and formulated with vitamins. But she told me about Malibu's skin care line too and that there are products specifically for the face and body.

I love Malibu Wellness products and the company. The staff is so nice and always there to answer my questions. Besides loving the products, I've never worked with a company who helps their customers more and gives back to us more than Malibu Wellness.

Thank you.