I recently moved across the country where the water is MUCH harder than the water my hair was used to. I am naturally blonde, and spend a lot of my time outside, so naturally my hair gets lighter in the summer. As the winter months approached, my roots were coming in what looked to be a lot darker and nastier. I visited a salon to get my hair evened out, and my stylist said that it wasn't the lack of sun that was making my roots look gross, but it was in fact the hard water build up on my hair. She put a Hard Water Wellness Remedy in my hair, and it instantly looked ten times better. She suggested using the Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner daily and the wellness remedy weekly to keep my hair looking the way I wanted it, not gold and brassy, and it has been fantastic ever since. My hair doesn't have a gold or brassy appearance despite me using hard water on a daily basis.