I had started using Malibu products in 1999 when we had an exchange student from Istanbul, Turkey came to live with us. He was a swimmer on the swim team. The girls just loved him but his hair had started to look pretty dull from the chlorine from the pool. Our stylist suggested we get him Malibu Swimmers Shampoo and that would help his problem. It did and he was so very happy! On top of that, we have well water so at the same time we purchased the Malibu Well Water Action Shampoo (now called Hard Water Wellness) for my husband and I. I also purchased the Scalp Conditioner which I loved! Now ten years later, we still use Malibu products but the Healthy Scalp Conditioner was discontinued so I have now switched over to the Scalp Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner. This conditioner is similar to the Malibu conditioner and makes my scalp and hair feel GREAT! This product makes your scalp feel invigorated. My scalp used to itch all the time and sometimes bleed from itching but now I do not have that problem anymore. I would recommend these products to ANYONE who has any type of scalp issues. It never hurts to try Malibu. What do you have to lose but YOUR SCALP PROBLEMS! Malibu guarantees their products. I am now going to purchase the skin solution products for my husband and mother-in-law, both of whom have Rosacea. What else can I say but Malibu HAS found the SOLUTION for many skin and scalp problems. THANK YOU!!!!