For the past two years, I have been struggling with psoriasis and searching for a product that would cure this "non-curable skin disorder." I have been to countless doctors and been prescribed various different creams to fix my embarassing red, scaly skin.

My psoriasis had become so bad that it hurt when I walked due to it spreading on my feet. I purchased Zinc C and the Moisturizer to address this condition and was skeptical at first. However, I would've tried anything at this point. About a week of continual use I started seeing results. The thick, red, and painful cracked skin was softening and healing. And within a month I had normal-looking skin again! Zinc C has helped my psoriasis and dry, cracked skin on various parts of my body. Now, I am able to wear tennis shoes and go on walks or do normal daily activities without feeling pain from the scaly skin. Thank you Malibu Wellness, for making these miracle products. I will never go a day without them again, they have changed my life.