I am 51 years old and have been using Malibu Wellness' Vitamin C Serum for about four years now. I've been very pleased with the results, my skin is smoother, has a youthful glow, and no wrinkles have shown up under my eyes as they have for many of my friends. But, what is most amazing is that recently I noticed that the little patch of skin in the middle of my neck by the Adam's apple that looked a bit weird (some call it chicken-skin neck) has improved! Yes, improved! That wrinkly patch of skin is less wrinkly. It's tighter and just generally looks better. I knew that the right skin care products could prevent wrinkles and sagging but I never expected my skin to improve to this extent. It took four years of diligent use (2 times a day, no excuses) but it worked. 52 is approaching fast and I am very, very happy with how my skin looks. Thank you Malibu Wellness!