How do I begin to tell you how much the Malibu C skin care products by Malibu Wellness mean to me!  I am currently 56 years old and have suffered with acne since my teen-age years.  I have used every product that was ever invented for acne, including Pro-Active.  As a teen, my mom took me to a dermatologist.  I have even laid under heat lamps.  I recently had the opportunity to hear an educator speak about Malibu Wellness skin care products.  The acne treatment seemed too easy but I figured I had nothing to lose by trying one more thing!!  To my surprise, my face began to feel better. It felt SMOOTH!!  Never in my life had my skin felt soft and smooth.  So I got the magnified mirror out to see what was going on.  UNBELIEVABLE!  My skin was clearing up.  Can you just imagine how I felt???   In my 50's and finally found something that actually worked!  I use the  Pure Blend Cleanser, Zinc C Serum and Sensitive Skin Moisturizer.  These 3 products have become so important to my daily routine!!!  I sincerely wish everyone could understand how much it means to me to have found Malibu Wellness.  Never again do I have to try anything else!!  No more wasting my money on other products only to be disappointed.   Thank you so much for my new skin!!!