I contacted Malibu Wellness over the 2008 Christmas holiday season in the state of confusion on what was happening with my daughter's hair. At that time my daugher was 2 1/2 years old and had obvious scalp problems. We are African American and have naturally dry hair, so I am very careful about the products that I've selected for her. I knew at this age, by her having such a healthy head of hair in front, that the back of her hair should have been thriving by this point (she had the bald spot that many baby have in the back of her head). I'd gone to dermatologists, read books, and gotten lots of advice from other mothers and none of the remedies worked until I called Malibu Wellness to inquire about the possibility of hard water affecting her scalp. Sure enough three months after using the Malibu Scalp Wellness products I'm happy to say our nightmare is FINALLY OVER!!! My daugher's hair has grown about 1.5 inches over about 3.5 months. Her scalp is healthy and her hair is steadily growing. Thanks for your help and expertise in this matter. Your products have saved my baby's hair!