About six months ago, I wrote your company to share with you how wonderful and life changing your Purifi Facial Cleanser and Vital Creme are! A friend of mine gave me the products to try as I had been suffering for years with acne. I just celebrated my 56th birthday and today I went to family reunion and some of my family members that had not seen me in a while told me that I look more youthful. The compliment made me feel so good. I told them I had been using Malibu C skin care and that your products are by far, the absolute best I have ever used. Your facial products have not only given me back my self-esteem, but the Vital Creme has turned back the hands of time. The fine lines around my eyes are not even noticeable when I'm wearing the Vital Creme. I am so grateful my friend shared your products with me and I'm so amazed and happy with the results from your skin care line. Thank you so much!