In one word: Impressed! I am a former licensed hairdresser, and I believe Malibu C is some of the best products I have ever used. Our water softener had seen better days, so we decided to have it uninstalled and replaced with superior sediment and carbon filters. At any rate, even the softened water left my hair flat against my head and no other high-end products were helping. My scalp itched, too, but I had no flakes. I have used the Hard Water Wellness products twice now and I cannot believe how beautiful my short gray locks appear today!!! The wave is returning to my hair and it isn't behaving like coarse, gray hair on a 62-year old head! I am going to buy the Scalp Wellness products for thinning hair for my husband now. Malibu C, I think you have found a new customer for life. Thank you so much!!!