My hair is naturally a very grey shade of blonde (dark ash blonde), so I have been highlighting and/or dying it to a much lighter shade of blonde since I was about thirteen years old. Growing up, I had well water and the wellness shampoo for well water was the ONLY product that prevented my hair from turning orange. As an adult, I live outside of Dallas, where the water is FULL of chlorine (the tap water smells like something you got from a local exaggeration) and other horrible minerals. I tried everything to keep my very light blonde hair from turning brassy (including adding a very expensive water filter to my shower head). Nothing has worked like the Malibu Blondes Wellness products. I use the Malibu Blondes Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner every day and use the Blondes treatment once a week. I am very picky about the condition of my hair and am a bit OCD about split ends. My hair grows fast, so I have to touch up my roots every three weeks, which means my hair is prone to damage. There are NO products on the market that compare to Malibu C (trust me; I've tried just about everything out there). I don't know why I ever waste money trying new things; I always come back to Malibu!