Dear Malibu Wellness:

About a year ago I had an issue with a severe itchy rash behind my ears that had lasted well over a year. I tried a few different creams and ointments to no avail. Then I used a prescription but again, to no avail. This rash continued to flare up and be bothersome.

I came from Ohio to Washington State to visit my friends and family in the fall of 2006. My best friend excitedly told me about Zinc C Serum to heal the open itchy areas behind my years. Zinc C Serum healed it quickly within two weeks and I have not had any return problems. Thank you!

Following my visit, I went home with the Zinc C Serum to use on some pimples and heat rash that I get in Ohio from the sweaty humid summer heat. Zinc C Serum quickened the healing process. I love this stuff!

Thanks for all you do!