Hello. I have written in before, but just feel that I need to elaborate on my results.

After trying every product under the sun - I would end up with either drier skin than I started with or greasy skin and clogged pores and pimples. I had several hard white bumps on my face that I was considering having frozen off when luckily I found your products. I use Pure Blend Cleanser, Vitamin C Serum, WrinkleLess Moisturizer and Eye Toner Serum. After a few weeks, all of the hard white bumps were gone! Another great thing about these products - your skin just feels normal in all seasons - not dry in winter and oily in the summer. Plus, the products provide a wonderful base for foundation!!!

In addition to having brain surgery last year, I also had gamma knife surgery which required a metal frame to be screwed into both sides of my forehead. Not fun and I was worried about scars - but thanks to your products you can't see a thing!!! The surgeries were very intense; however, your products definitely helped boost my self esteem! Thank you so much!!!!!!