All my life my hair had been fine and thin. This fall I started losing even more hair and that made it more obvious to me that something had to be done. Thanks to a GOOD friend who is also my hair stylist I found out about Malibu C products. I started using the system she suggested for hair loss. This included the Scalp Therapy Natural Wellness Treatment. Within the first week my hair loss went from a brush full coming out to only about 10 strands or so every morning. I have been using the product for about 6 weeks now and there is not only new hair growth that I can see, but my hair feels healthy, shiny and according to my son, “happy”. I also used the Vitamin C Serum on a few problematic skin spots that were not going away and as a nurse I was becoming concerned about them as my doctor said they needed to be removed. Within ONE week of using the Vitamin C Serum they totally disappeared and have not come back!!! Malibu C products are amazing and the best part to me is that they are natural. Thank you for creating such wonderful products!!